Life List Places, and the painting there of..

The phone kiosk on Fair Isle. South Light in the distance.

I’ve been making a series of paintings from my recent trip back to Shetland. This time I was lucky enough to get to Fair Isle, a place that I have only dreamt of visiting. It is cold and windy and paradise.

I’d like to especially thank my Innkeeper Thomas Hyndman for taking me out to see the important sights when it became clear that weather and travel was going to cut my visit short. This painting only happened because he suggested that I go take a closer look.

Sumburgh Head light from the ferry to Aberdeen (with a stop in Orkney)

Leaving Shetland, from the ferry on a very cold and windy perch. This is a page from my sketchbook. I was crying as I left Shetland, not sure if it was sorrow or the wind. I’m part of ArtEast Dutchess these two weekends, and this one was sold on the opening day.

Eshaness Light sunset, usually I paint from my own snaps, but my daughter took this one.

I was in the rental car with my grandson, as I have seen some of the magic of this place and the wind was so strong that we feared that a toddler would fly away. This watercolor and colored pencil is 9.5″ x 7.5″ and was sold on opening day of ArtEast.

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