The one for my Dad

Equinox, September 2021, part of my analemma series. Caught these lines of fire in the sky, made me think of my Dad, who was a lineman for NYSEG for most of his life. This is Route 6 heading west out of Brewster NY, and could not stop to get a snap because there was heavy traffic and I had my grandson in the back seat so the U-turns involved to get the shot seemed life threatening. Had to monitor the sky for the next 5 days until the clouds cleared. “Between Autumn Equinox and Solstice 2021” water-based media. 13″w X 10″h. Come see it and some other new ones at ArtEast Dutchess Open Studio Tour.

I’m in the White Barn, 1042 Rt 311 Patterson NY 12563 this weekend October 23 & 24 from 11-5. We have parking and snacks.

Perihelion 2021

Perihelion, where the earth is closest to the sun was January 2, 2021 this year. A time where we are closest to the sun but very cold in the Northern Hemisphere. This is what I saw when I went out to close up the chickens, at first I thought it was the moon, but it was a light left on in my neighbor’s house. The painting is 12″w X 9″h, mixed media on birch panel. I had some trouble getting a good black and used some soft black pastel powder to get a deeper shadow.

This new painting will be part of the ArtEast Dutchess Open Studio Tour kick off show at the Live 4 Art Gallery, 20 Charles Coleman Blvd, Pawling NY from September 3 – 26, 2021 Opening reception September 11 5-8 pm

Old and new

I have been returning to old territory: making prints, something that I have not had a chance to work on for many many years. Long ago I studied printmaking with Juan Gomez-Quiroz, something that I always hoped to get back to. Now? I am making monoprints, studying with Anthony Kirk, incorporating chine-collé prints of maps. I have heard that city people tell distance in time, I believe that love and addiction tell time in distance.
This is a monoprint that incorporates a map printed on rice paper. It describes a route frequently traveled in the dark, and a place where I am not protected, my art burnt or destroyed, where I am made invisible.

Newtown, John Sabitini Cennamo
Burnt Art: two coffee cups Monoprint with chin-colle map 12″w X 6″ h

This second print is a ‘ghost’ print, a second time through the press using the ink that is still on the plate from the first print. This print doesn’t include a map, the path is burnt into the paper and marked with a string of beads, a vein that connects a beating heart with a damaged one.

Shelley Dell, Anthony Kirk
Burnt art: Burnt Heart monoprint with glass beads 9″W x 6″H

Arts Bedford 2021 Virtually Real

The 2021 Arts Bedford show has adapted to life in this confused and confusing year. I am completely chuffed to be a part of this virtual show which raises money for many charities. Many of my paintings are finding new homes, you can find the show online here: you can see more of my new work on the rest of my website, take a look and leave a comment if you like.

clothesline Burano Italy
Clothesline that I saw in Burano 2017, from a 2017 sketchbook, painted in 2020. Sold at ASB 2021 virtual show December 2020

Galleries are opening again!

Rt. 44 near Minnewaska, 10.5″ wide by 9″ tall, water-based media on paper

The ArtEast Dutchess fall kick-off show is on view now at Art4Life gallery, 20 Charles Coleman Blvd, Pawling NY. You can see this, along with works by other group members through the end of September. 

Go to the website for up-to-date gallery hours, a virtual group tour, and information about all of the artists who are group members. 

Everything is through a filter

water color of eye painting on desk
8″ square Water color and colored pencils. Done for ASB2020

I was asked to make a painting for Art Show Bedford 2020 this year, with the theme of 2020 Vision. Everything we see these days is through a filter, and most of what we see is through our phones. This painting is about 8″ square and is on view at ASB2020, a very cool place to see what is happening in the Westchester New York art world. This weekend and next, take a look.

Begin as you mean to go on

My plan for 2020. New painting series, thinking about light as both a particle and a wave, feeling light waves like the wind.

painting of colorful pennants in the wind
SkyWind 12″ square water color and colored pencil

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see Vija Celmin’s retrospective “To Fix the Image In Memory” at The Met Breuer. You should go. Now. the show closes on January 12, 2020. Missing experiences that it would be not all that hard to arrange is not part of how I mean to go on. Instead of this one sliding by with good intentions and great remorse I set a date and did not make any excuses. Yes this is a drawing: allow time to really look, allow your brain to boggle and your heart to break.

“Letter,” collage and graphite on paper Vija Celmins 1968 At the Met Breuer