older painting finds context

tomatoes in a colander on porch floor
20″ x 16″ water-based media and acrylic varnish, August 2011

One of the first paintings from long ago in 2011 when I decided to start painting again. I showed it to my muse at the time who chortled out a bemused “But You Have To Really Like Tomatoes.” The title stuck. I don’t show this painting, it lives in my kitchen over the wood stove getting smoke damaged and fly-specked making me laugh every time at the lower right flying tomato that, like Peter Pan, really needs Wendy to stitch the shadow firmly to keep it from flying away.

I saw the invitation to submit a piece to the “Burned Pots and Cooked Books” show at the Institute Library in New Haven, and thought that this was a good fit. My description of the colander in the painting: I have a colander that belonged to my grandmother, and then my mother, and now me. The tin is rubbing off. I use it every day for washing vegetables, draining pasta, draining hand-washing. I feel connected to a whole line of women that I have loved every time I see it hanging on the hook in the kitchen. I have had to pull it out of the trash when two different husbands tried to replace it with shinier ones. I plan on passing it to my daughter, but not yet, I am still using it.

melted pots & cooked books artist list, postcard
postcard for show at the Gallery Upstairs at the Institute Library

Ending and beginning

Today is the closing party for the COLOR show at Womens.work.art in Poughkeepsie from 3-6 pm. I’ll be there to hear what some very smart and talented women have to say about making art, and to celebrate the sale of my painting that was included in the show.

I’ve started working on some new landscapes, you will be able to see them at the ArtEast Studio tours in October. Brochure and map available at ArtEastDutchess.com

trees at Innisfree garden early morning light
some trees from Innisfree garden’s predawn artist day

Under construction…

My old website came to a bad end. I’m working on a new one. Hope that this works on whatever platform you are viewing it on. Contact me at shelley.dell.paints@gmail.com if I spelled anything incorrectly.

I do have a painting at a show that you should check out if you can: Celebrating Color at Womanswork.art in Poughkeepsie. The show runs through August 24, 2019. This is a new gallery for me and I am completely chuffed to be included.