Old and new

I have been returning to old territory: making prints, something that I have not had a chance to work on for many many years. Long ago I studied printmaking with Juan Gomez-Quiroz, something that I always hoped to get back to. Now? I am making monoprints, studying with Anthony Kirk, incorporating chine-collé prints of maps. I have heard that city people tell distance in time, I believe that love and addiction tell time in distance.
This is a monoprint that incorporates a map printed on rice paper. It describes a route frequently traveled in the dark, and a place where I am not protected, my art burnt or destroyed, where I am made invisible.

Newtown, John Sabitini Cennamo
Burnt Art: two coffee cups Monoprint with chin-colle map 12″w X 6″ h

This second print is a ‘ghost’ print, a second time through the press using the ink that is still on the plate from the first print. This print doesn’t include a map, the path is burnt into the paper and marked with a string of beads, a vein that connects a beating heart with a damaged one.

Shelley Dell, Anthony Kirk
Burnt art: Burnt Heart monoprint with glass beads 9″W x 6″H

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